Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Household income required?

PKR 25000/- for affordable housing and PKR 45000 /- for regular housing.

Deposit amount required?

10% of the total amount is required (20% in some cases)

Is it different from renting?

Yes. Even though you are living in the home you do not fully own, it is similar to renting because you pay rent on the part you do not own as yet.

Is Pegasus associated with PMRC?

Yes we are associated with Pakistan Mortgage Refinance Company.

What changes can I make to my home?

All aesthetic changes are allowed to you. However, any structural change is not advised as it is technical and expensive. Sometimes the desired additions and extensions to your home will make your home expensive for you to buy. As we will buy you a home where you can move in straight away so be sure about your family’s accommodation and requirements before home shopping. We will have enough homes to match your needs.

How can my home buying budget be worked out?

-Joint household income
– Amount saved for a deposit
Such information will be processed to determine the houses you can afford.

What happens if i don’t pay my rent?

We will try to be as helpful as possible during your hard times if it comes and will need your co-operation too. For example if you lose your job we will try our best to be co-operative and we expect the same from you. Contact us immediately in such situations.

Is Pegasus associated with Naya Pakistan Housing Authority (NAPHDA)?

Yes we are a partner of NAPHDA providing affordable housing finances.

Will my home be insured?

Yes your house will be insured against all perils.

Will my life and other insurances be required?

Yes all applicable insurances will be needed.

How can I buy more of my home?

You can buy more of your home by topping up every month. You can have:
– An increased rental payment through which you can increase your ownership every month. The extra money buys more of your home.
– You can buy more whenever you have an extra cash.
– Your journey with us is gradual, flexible and honest. If you need you can buy us through mortgage or inheritance.

Is Pegasus Conventional or Islamic Finance provider?

We are conventional and islamic shariah compliant finance provider.