About Us


We are a financial service provider company based in Pakistan. We want to make home buying experience an easy and friendly experience for everyone. You can be the owner of your home as long as you are paying rent regularly. We follow an articulate finance model enabling our customers to become owners while living on rent. We use technology to asses our customers and use blockchain for smart contracts. With a growing small team of entrepreneurs with experience in banking, finance, real estate and technology we wish to revolutionize home buying experience for everyone. Having strong partnerships with leading developers and real estate agents throughout Pakistan, we aim to provide houses to our eligible customers. From searching a home and finally settling in our customers in their homes require a lot of work. We will work for your dream: “Owning a residence”easy, effective, hassle-free and legally a wonderful experience for you. As we believe in long term association we will be extending our help every now and then to you as a customer. Our model is a brand new approach in Pakistan, although we had 2 inspirations which compelled us to work upon a more mature and customer friendly model.

    The inspired models are as follows:

  1. Gradual home ownership programme in which you pay a certain deposit to buy a portion of your home and our arranged funding partner buys the rest of your home for us. If you pay between 5%-20% (based on your credit score) they pay the remaining amount to buy a home. Once you settle in a home of your choice, you start paying rent and pay extra amount every month or every now and then to buy the remaining share of your home back from our funding partner.

  2. Murahaba (Islamic Rent-To-Own model) – The islamic finance model.